Identity. Definition: Authenticity of a person or a thing; total conformity with the definition or description of such.

The four young artists Julia Gawlik, Leah Hautermans, Laura Heinen and Anja Lynen grew up in the border region of Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Young people in their mid-twenties, who are often referred to as the “generation maybe”. The whole world is at their feet – at least on paper – but endless options can also be overwhelming. The identification process got a new, wider room for development, there were never more factors that could shape and influence (the own) identity than there are today.
In their exhibition “Identity”, the four artists dealt with these problems. They provide insight into the emotional life of the younger generation who want to find their place in the world and are – at the same time – characterized by the attraction of endless freedom but also by insecurity and self-doubts.